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02/25/2011 07:01

i think cam newton gets drafted by the redskins. and i think the first pick in the draft will be nick farley

02/25/2011 11:06

Thanks for the post. Nick Fariely is definitely an option at the first pick and I agree he may go first. I think it will come down to him or green. With Newton I could see the redskins taking him if he is there but honestly don't see him falling past the titans at eight. You never know: )

02/26/2011 13:08

Packers wont take Cobb in any round. Thompson doesn't draft receivers or corners under 6' tall. He has stated this himself.

02/26/2011 21:11

Thanks for your comment, however I dont know what your sources are, but clearly they have some issues. Look at the Packers roster, Greg Jennings, Tramon Williams, and Sam Shields are all under 6 foot.


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