Draft Day Moves 02/21/2011
Draft Day Trades

Every year teams move up or down in the draft to select the players they covet or to add depth to their team. Of course in mocks you don’t predict the trades, so here is a look into  teams who could be looking to trade down or up.

Patriots: The Patriots have 2 picks in the first round and are always looking to move. They will more than likely trade down from at least one spot, if not both. They are always looking to bolster their future and love having multiple picks.

Texans: The Texans are a team that I think could trade back up in the first round. Much like the Packers from 09 they are switching to a 34 defense and have to glaring needs. With their first pick they could select either an outside speed rusher at linebacker, or go on the defensive end for a player who fits their 34 scheme. They have a glaring need at nose tackle so don’t be surprised if they trade back up in the first round and target Phil Taylor, the only true nose tackle for a 34 scheme. This way they add two key pieces to a defense that was awful last year in hopes to improve.

Dolphins: The Dolphins don’t have a second round pick this year so they will more than likely be looking to trade down to get some extra picks. They have holes at a few positions, including QB, so I would expect them to trade down and target their favorite QB.

Packers: The Packers GM Ted “Trade Down” Thomson has often been criticized for his drafts. But after the Packers took the Lombardi trophy back to its home place his critics have been silenced. He still likes having multiple picks, and the Packers could easily trade down some points and still get the players that they are after.

Of course as we get closer to draft time it will become more clear what each team wants and is thinking, so it is easier to guess who is going to make a move. For now these are just early ideas of what teams may do. As the draft unfolds and players start slipping it will be easier to guess which teams could possibly look to slid back into the first round to take some more top notch talent, with so many teams looking to trade down.

Please leave your comments and who you think is looking to move come draft day!



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